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I take a unique approach to branding. One that's based on human behavior, not shake 'n' bake formulas. I call it branding is just like life. It means you can be a human being first and take over the world second.


If you want to turn your vision into success, so do it! I will help and support you with my newest and smartest web applications and c# programs. Because your work should be done with ease.


Let us take your logo and transfer it in a shiny brilliant corporate design. Let me style your image for being popular and become a fancy brand!

Rocket Science

Digital and online solutions are not a big deal for me. Let us work together and we will turn rocket science into a yummy piece of cake with zero calories.

Simon Mannsfeld

Hello, I am Simon...

I'm a web expert living in Düsseldorf, Germany. I have worked with companies like BMW Proauto and IPL VENUS and currently working as director and CEO at SimonSolutions.de.
Creating is not just a job for me, it's a passion.

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The works I am proud of

Lucky Wheel

Lucky Wheel


Lucky Wheel is a brand by me. It's an online tool for a very new type of marketing. I call it direct marketing and I developed this because that was exactly what I needed for another business of mine.

Lucky Wheel is an online dashboard. It allows users to generate a wheel of fortune (I call it lucky wheel) as marketing move.

Lucky Wheel

Lucky Wheel offers all customers the possibility to embed the lucky wheel to their website.

Every visitor of the clients website is authorized to spin once a day. The company can control the win rate live according to the visitor flow. In example a car wash could increase the win rate of the better prizes in case of rain.




The company Magic Kart is located in Hilden, Germany. People come here for karting session or a lasertag adventure. Single cusomers or big companys till 100 persons visits Magic Kart periodically for taking a look on motorsports or to play a round of lasertag like Barney Stinson.

Magic Kart was calling for management consultancy. Through a datailed market analysis, we have found out that Germany have an upcoming market with many potential for lasertag arenas. Here we found a fabulous point to increasing the business value.


In addition to the website, we create the perfect relation between karting and lasergame. Here we got just one company with two attractions. In support with a new website, social media and an own name and logo, we built the brand Magic Lasergame Hilden. The next step was to communicate the brand. The karting and lasertag target group matches very well. So we created one emotional flyer and one colorful coupon for both products. Through an awesome cooperation with the staff of Magic Kart / Magic Lasergame Hilden I note a lasertag player increasement of more than 100% in just three month.




Carhifi-System owned by Dennis Rahmen and located in Solingen, Germany is a company based on vehicle redesign, car audio, multimedia, car security and upgrades.

Dennis is an enthusiast who upgrade cars and other verhicles. He is an euphoric person who consults, shows up solutions and do the implementation on highest level with best quality.


Dennis called me for creating a new website. Working for Dennis was pure pleasure. He instructed me with just few information and trusted in my skill.

I created a brand new website and SEO as well. I connected his website to the Instagram API and WhatsApp API that customers can see always new pictures on the website and the WhatsApp API opens up a channel for quick contact.




Neutuna is an successful insurance broker since years. They are working independent and all they consultants doing a great job for the customers.

Neutuna called me to start with their digital transformation. They wanted to give their customers more transparency with a website that lists the cheapest insurance offers like check24.


Neutuna was my first project which was created with Semantic UI framework. This framework is really clean and it's fun to work with.

A team, a voice actor and me also created short commercial spots with esport topics. We showed them on twitch on live tournaments which I also managed with another brand of me: C00L_C4TS.

Kati Bollinger

Kati Bollinger


Kati Bollinger is a graphic designer located in Sachsen, Germany. She is expert in Digital Art, that means that she edits simple pictures of persons to a new setting.

She also creating logos, brands and is really good in product design.

Kati Bollinger

Kati Bollinger asked for a website that she had already designed. There was no space for own interpretation or creativity of myself.

I created her website and embedded a tool that calls before-after-viewer for the right presentation of her work.

Lemmerz Personal

Lemmerz Personal


Lemmerz Personal is a german recruitment company. They are working for many industry sectors and they are successful since many years.

I worked with the director of Lemmerz Personal on many different projects and the communication between a customer and me could not be better.

Lemmerz Personal

It was a pleasure to work with Lemmerz Personal. A website was needed and I just got a few restrictions and conditions for the brand new website.

Through my artistic freedom they received a really good looking website with an integrated job market.

Schuntermann Transformatoren

Schuntermann Transformatoren


Schuntermann Transformatoren GmbH is a german producer of transformators. They are selling diffrent electrical components and producing machines for voltage optimisation.

They hire me for marketing, creating print media and starting the digital transformation.

Schuntermann Transformatoren

I created a new website for Schuntermann Transformatoren because the old wordpress website suddenly became slow and page loads took time.

We consider to delete this old website and instead of debug an old wordpress installation, I created a new responsive website. Later I created flyer and print materials for marketing for Schuntermann Transformatoren.




renecost is a brand of Schuntermann Transformatoren GmbH. The brand renecost consults, and installs machines for voltage optimisation. This machines dim the power supply that a customer receives ~209 volts instead of ~230.

Customers of renecost will economize on the electricity bill in future.


renecost started already with a wordpress website from another website agency.

The creation of the other website agency tooks very long. After month without a pulse, they hired me to finish the project.




VibratorVergleich24.de is an own project of me. It's an affiliate website and I am earning money with amazon sales and other affiliate programs.

Amazon's affiliate program is a really fair deal and it is fun to work with.


This website is coded with support by the amazon API. This website is real flexible and crawls with cron jobs new products if something is delisted from amazon.

Texts, contents and articles are written with textbroker for less money.

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You want to work with me together? You need a web designer with marketing skills as well? Contact me and let us find together for successfully projects. Let me give your business a new shiny image and become a fancy brand. I will respond you ASAP.

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